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St. Thomas Aquinas

Plaster Rock

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St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Anderson Road

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Our Lady of Mercy Aroostook

St. Joseph


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St. Ann

Tobique First Nation

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St. Patrick

Limestone Siding

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Our Parish, is located in the Victoria County 
         of New Brunswick.

The Pastoral Unit is made up of a diverse
community of families and individuals coming 
from all walks of life, varied cultural 
backgrounds and in different stages of their 
faith journeys.
Whether they are our senior parishioners, 
young families who are just starting out or 
our vibrant and energetic youth… they have 
all for generations called the 
Divine Mercy Pastoral Unit “Home”.
Hopefully, our site will enable you to learn 
more about our parish units and provide you 
with the opportunity for a spiritual retreat.  
Please let us know if we can be
of service to you.
May God Bless you!  


Fr. Gilbert Doddatto       &          Fr. Curtis Sappier

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St. Mary of the Angels


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Divine Mercy

 Pastoral Unit Office

Welcome to our online Bulletin Board of upcoming events.   Please use the side scroll bar as there will be new items added and deleted periodically.


We are happy to announce that we are forming a youth choir.    We hope this Choir will build relationships with the youths encouraging singers to become ambassadors in the community.       We hope to have our youth perform in many events, fundraisers and even music festivals! " music is more than notes on a page, it transforms lives though the power of musical experience.

This Choir will be under the direction of Christine Laforge who is well known in the music world.  Christine has been singing since she was very young.  At age 12 she started lessons with Leola Dionne and Chantal Dionne. She then continued in participating in many  regional and provincial music festivals and was awarded junior and senior star.  In 1998, she was awarded Miss Talent NB at Miss NB.   Christine studied music at U. de Moncton.

For more information on becoming a member, please call Christine at 479-6182 or Father Gilbert at 479-1670 




We have provided our calendar here but you can better view it by hovering over the Divine Mercy Home tab and clicking on Pastoral Unit Calendar.    Please feel free to explore our website and pass along any feedback.   We appreciate all comments (good and/or bad) to make this an informative place for you to see what is going on in our Pastoral Unit.



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   on a Reading

Diocese of Edmundston
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Announcing our Pastoral Theme of:

 “Walking in the Footsteps  of Jesus”

2015-2016 Focus: “Like Jesus, I live compassion”

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Fundraising for

Divine Mercy

Pastoral Unit



Over the next several months we will be engaging in a variety of events to try and raise funds for the continued sustainment and maintenance of our Divine Mercy Pastoral Unit website.

The website plays a valuable role in providing visitors with information about our Pastoral Unit and its 8 parishes.  As well, the site offers easy access to Daily Readings and other Liturgy sources to help provide spiritual nourishment through the ‘Word of God’.

Should you wish to help or support this worthy initiative, please submit your name to the Pastoral Unit Office.

Bulletins & Other Documents

One Family Under God (Click to Play / Stop)

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“Christ has no body but yours, no hands, no feet on earth but yours.

Yours are the eyes with which he looks Compassion

 on this world.

Yours are the feet with which he blesses all the world.  Yours are the hands, you are the feet, yours are the eyes with which he looks.

Compassion on this world.  Christ has no body now on earth but yours.”

St. Teresa of Avila