Located in the Victoria County, New Brunswick, Canada
44 Marian Dr., Perth-Andover, NB   E7H 3A7

St. Mary of the Angels

St. Mary of the Angels is located in Perth-Andover, in Victoria County New Brunswick.

Mass Time

We hold our Sunday Eucharistic Celebration service at 10:30 am each Sunday, and weekday Mass at 6:30pm on Thursdays and 11am on Fridays

Pastoral Team

  • Father Gilbert Doddatto i.v. Dei, Moderator
  • Father Curtis Sappier, Assistant Moderator
  • Harold Short-Evans, Acolyte
  • Sister Almyre Doucet r.h.s.j.

  • Roger Robinson, Chair, Parish Pastoral Council
  • Donald Dickson, Chair, Parish Economical Affairs Committee

Parish Animation Team

  • Anne Dickson, Judy St. Peter, John Lang, Anita Andersen, Stillman Baker, Pat Rossignol, Tracy Hamilton, Doreen Roach, Alvena Goodine, Ann McQuad

Contact Information

Church and Office Address

  • St. Mary of the Angels
    44 Marian Dr.
    Perth-Andover, NB  E7H 3A7

    Hours: 9 am - 4 pm ( Tuesday to Thursday )

Phone / Email

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Donate online through Canada Helps website.

Prayer of our Lady of the Angels

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help or sought your intercession, was left unaided.

Our Lady: Pray for us.