Located in the Victoria County, New Brunswick, Canada
44 Marian Dr., Perth-Andover, NB   E7H 3A7

COVID-19 Measures to be taken at Mass

At all times, maintain appropriate physical distancing. This includes before, during and after Mass.

Members of the same household and people in a "bubble" may sit together, but otherwise, parishioners should sit at least 2 meters apart.

Before Mass

  • Doors at the entrance will be kept open or will be opened by a volunteer.
  • There will be a volunteer with MANDATORY hand sanitizer/alcohol spray posted at the entrance.
  • All books will be removed from the seating area, but there will still be bulletins and "Living With Christ" booklets available. If you take one/both of these, please bring it home with you after the Mass.
  • There will be a maximum of 45 parishioners allowed at a single Mass (this will keep the total number of people gathered at less than 50 including the priest, reader, etc.).
  • Any seating area next to the main aisle will be blocked off to allow appropriate physical distancing for parishioners when using the aisle at communion. Also, every other row (along with selected seats) has been blocked off to help maintain proper distancing.

During Mass

  • There will be no collection taken during the Mass. Parishioners may leave their gifts in a designated container located inside the church.
  • Celebrate "sign of peace" using gestures (peace sign with fingers, bowing, etc.) without making physical contact (unless with family member/member of your "bubble")
  • The individual dialogue of Communion ("The Body of Christ....Amen") will be proclaimed collectively after the response "Lord, I am not worthy....", and followed by the distribution of Communion in silence. Please use the distancing guidelines on the floor while approaching the area where communion is distributed. Those who wish to receive communion on the tongue must see the priest in the sacristy after Mass has concluded.
  • All Holy water fonts must remain empty at this time.